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Step 16 - Chart Chang Sheng 12 Shen

The second set is named Chang Sheng Shi Er Shen 长生十二神
because the first star in the set is Chang Sheng 长生.

The Stars are as follow:
1. Chang Sheng 长生 (Beginning)
2. Mu Yu 沐浴 (Accumulating)
3. Guan Dai 冠带 (Maturity)
4. Lin Guan 临官 (Appointment)
5. Di Wang 帝旺 (Pinnacle)
6. Shuai 衰 (Fading)
7. Bing 病 (Ailing)
8. Si 死 (Deteriorating)
9. Mu 墓 (Dormancy)
10. Jue 绝 (Termination)
11. Tai 胎 (Conception)
12. Yang 养 (Development)

Step 16a - Chang Sheng Shi Er Shen

First of all, determine the subject's Element Phase (五行局).

Step 16b - Chang Sheng Shi Er Shen

This is pretty straight forward.
If one is of Water Element 水二局, establish Chang Sheng 长生 in Shen 申 Palace.

Thereafter, depending on Yin/Yang Male/Female, the other 11 Stars will be plotted sequentially
into each of the other 11 Palaces, as per the first set of stars.

Step 16 - Chang Sheng Shi Er Shen

The subject is of Wood Element,
thus Chang Sheng 长生 is established at Hai 亥 Palace.

The subject is Yang Female (Anti-Clockwise direction).
Thus, Mu Yu 沐浴 is established at Xu 戌 or Friends Palace.

Followed by the next star Guan Dai 冠带 at You 酉 or Career Palace, and so on,
till the last star, Yang 养 at Zi 子 or Health Palace.

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