Sunday, October 16, 2005

4 Transformation Stars 四化曜 「Sì Huà Yào 」

「化 」 by itself means transform, or to change into. In 《 紫微斗数 》 context, it can also mean 'to
enhance'. The 4 Transformation Stars 四化曜 「Sì Huà Yào 」 'tag onto' different stars every year,
depending on the Heavenly Stem 天干 「Tiān Gān 」 of the year. Nevertheless their individual
characteristics DO NOT change. Instead, what changes are the effects of the Stars that they tag onto.

The 4 Transformation Stars are :

Flow 化禄 「Huà Lù 」
- Metal Element.
- Means "Transforms into Riches".
- Enhances the flow of fortune, riches, luck etc.

Authority 化权 「Huà Quán 」
- Fire Element.
- Means "Transforms into Authority".
- Brings authority, power, supremacy, leadership etc.

Fame 化科 「Huà Kē 」
- Wood Element.
- Means "Transforms into Name".
- Brings fame, reputation, self-satisfaction etc.

Cloud 化忌 「Huà Jì 」
- Water Element.
- Means "Transforms into Trouble".
- Negates effects of stars.
- Usually indicates obstacles, dangers, risks, disputes, death etc.

At first look, any stars associated with 化禄 、权 、科 are good, and
any stars associated with 化忌 is bad. But it is not necessarily true.

四化曜 are a VERY big part of 《 紫微斗数 》, so I will go more into them at a later stage.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

6 Harmful Stars 六煞曜 「Shà Yào 」

The 6 Harmful Stars are :

Turmoil 火星 「Huo Xīng 」 , Turbulence 铃星 「Líng Xīng 」 .
Destruction 擎羊 「Qíng Yáng 」 , Obstruction 陀罗 「Tuó Luó 」 ,
Nullity 地空 「Dì Kōng 」 , Calamity 地劫 「Dì Jié 」 .

These 6 煞曜 「Shà Yào 」 are there to hamper the Major Stars and to negate
the positive effects of the Auxiliary and Assisting Stars 佐辅曜 under normal
circumstances. In some particular situations, these 煞曜 can help to counter
the negative impacts of the Major Stars (Major Stars are not ALL good).

Just as 佐辅曜 makes the differences in one's life from another's, these
煞曜 have serious influences too. In most situations, they are able to
indicate the period where one is prone to misfortune or untimely death
(caused by accidents or unforseen tragedies like murder).

From a positive perspective, 煞曜 are there to act as a reminder of possible misfortune
so that one can be more conscious of his behaviour and seek to minimise negative impacts.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Auxiliary and Assisting Stars 佐辅曜 「Zuó Fu Yào 」

The 4 Auxiliary Stars are :

Status 天魁 「Tiān Kuí 」 , Reputation 天钺 「Tiān Yuè 」 ,
Aide 左辅 「Zuo Fu 」 , Support 右弼 「Yòu Bì 」 .

The 4 Assisting Stars are :

Literature 文昌 「Wén Chāng 」 , Eloquence 文曲 「Wén Qu 」 ,
Treasurer 禄存 「Lù Cún 」 , Celestial Horse 天马 「Tiān Ma 」 .

As their names suggest, these Stars are there to support and assist the 14 Major
Stars. They are important, but never more important than the Major Stars.

An analogy to be used here is to liken these Stars to a Manager's Personal
Assistant. With a good assistant who is there to help out, the Manager would
be able to project his capability more effectively.

For 2 people to have the same Major Stars in their Life Palace, how their lives turned
out would depend on these 佐辅曜. They are the ones which make the difference.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

14 Major Stars 十四正曜 「Zhèng Yào 」

There are only 14 Major Stars or 正曜 「Zhèng Yào 」which are of
utmost importance among the 100+ stars in 《 紫微斗数 》.

Depending on one's date and time of birth, these 14 stars will land up
in specific palaces of one's chart. The Major Star (or two Stars at most)
that lands in one's Life Palace 命宫 will more or less indicate a person's
characteristics, and his general luck in life. This Star is referred to as 命宮
主星 「Mìng Gōng Zhu Xīn 」
, or translated loosely, Life's Main Star.

There are different ways to categorise the 14 Major Stars.

1. North and South Clusters -

North Cluster (Big Dipper) -
Emperor Star 紫微, Finance Star 武曲,
Politician Star 廉贞, Flirting Star 贪狼,
Quarrel Star 巨门, Ruinous Star 破军

South Cluster -
Mercy Star 天机, Fortune Star 天同,
Treasury Star 天府, Minister Star 天相,
Aggressive Star 七杀, Blessing Star 天梁

Central Sky - The Sun 太阳 and The Moon 太阴

2. Stars led by Emperor Star 紫微 - 廉贞 , 天同 , 武曲 , 太阳 , 天机

Stars led by Treasury Star 天府 - 太阴 , 贪狼 , 巨门 , 天相 , 天梁 , 七杀 , 破军

3. Yin and Yang -

Each star has its Yin and Yang element, and this is an important
consideration when interpreting the Birth Chart. For example, when
sitting in Life Palace and meeting lucky stars, both Mercy Star 天机 (Yin)
and Flirting Star 贪狼 (Yang) can mean intelligence and ability to learn things fast,
but because Mercy Star 天机 is Yin, the intelligence is not displayed visibly, whereas
for Flirting Star 贪狼 which has a Yang nature, the intelligence would be more apparent.

Note: The stars are only used as an example as their characteristics
would still depend on the stars they meet on the chart.

4. 5 Elements -

For example, if Politician Star 廉贞 (Fire) and Ruinous Star 破军 (Water)
both resides in Life Palace, it will produce a negative effect in normal situations
(without taking other stars into consideration) as Water overcomes Fire.

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Another classification of the Major Stars is this -

The Leaders -

Emperor Star 紫微 , Minister Star 天相 , Treasury Star 天府 , Finance Star 武曲

The Pioneers (Action) -

Flirting Star 贪狼 , Ruinous Star 破军 , Politician Star 廉贞 , Aggressive Star 七杀

The Supporters -

The Sun 太阳 , Quarrel Star 巨门 , Mercy Star 天机

The Adapters -

Fortune Star 天同 , Blessing Star 天梁 , The Moon 太阴

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Before I go on..

Please take note of the following:

1. The characteristics of each Star remain constant, for example, if it is
a Yin Wood Star, it will be a Yin Wood whatever palace the Star lands up in.

2. The interpretion of the Stars in various palaces differs. What
each Star means in Life Palace is different when it is in say, Health Palace.

3. The interpretion of the Stars is also different when there are other stars
in the same palace, as compared to when it is on its own.

4. There is a rating of brightness for most of the stars.

The scale is like this:

庙 「Miào 」 - Glitter - the brightest it can gets.
Good Stars with this rating will manifest their positive traits.
Bad Stars will not have serious impact.

旺 「Wàng 」 - Radiant - Still very bright.
Good Stars will display their traits.
Bad Stars will not have serious impact.

得 「Dé 」 - Bright.
Good Stars will still be good.
Bad Stars will not have serious impact.

平 「Píng 」 - Twilight.
Good Stars will have minimum impact.
Bad Stars will display their negative traits without constraint.

陷 「Xiàn 」 - Dark.
Good Stars will be useless with this rating.
Bad Stars will be at their worst.

Star Brightness Scale

5. Even with the above scale of brightness, the Stars would still
not tell a complete picture, as it depends on what other stars in
other relevant palaces they "meet" with.

For example, to see the overall life of a person, the palaces that
are taken into account are Wealth Palace, Career Palace, Life Palace
and Travel Palace. The stars in all 4 of these palaces would then
"meet", and if a particular Glittering Good Star is sitting in Life
Palace, but the other Stars in the other 3 palaces are Dark, then it
will also render the Good Star useless or with no impact.

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Stars 星曜

There are all in all about 108 stars in 《 紫微斗数 》. These stars are grouped into
different clusters and the stars commonly used in interpreting of Birth chart are :

14 Major Stars 十四正曜 「Zhèng Yào 」

★ Emperor Star 紫微 「Zi Wēi 」
☆ Mercy Star 天机 「Tiān Jī 」
★ The Sun 太阳 「Tài Yáng 」
☆ Finance Star 武曲 「Wú Qu 」
★ Fortune Star 天同 「Tiān Tóng 」
☆ Politician Star 廉贞 「Lián Zhēn 」
★ Treasury Star 天府 「Tiān Fu 」
☆ The Moon 太阴 「Tài Yīn 」
★ Flirting Star 贪狼 「Tān Láng 」
☆ Quarrel Star 巨门 「Jù Mén 」
★ Minister Star 天相 「Tiān Xiàng 」
☆ Blessing Star 天梁 「Tiān Liáng 」
★ Aggressive Star 七杀 「Qī Shà 」
☆ Ruinous Star 破军 「Pò Jūn 」

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Auxiliary and Assisting Stars 佐辅曜 「Zuó Fu Yào 」

☆ Status 天魁 「Tiān Kuí 」
★ Reputation 天钺 「Tiān Yuè 」
☆ Aide 左辅 「Zuo Fu 」
★ Support 右弼 「Yòu Bì 」
☆ Literature 文昌 「Wén Chāng 」
★ Eloquence 文曲 「Wén Qu 」
☆ Treasurer 禄存 「Lù Cún 」
★ Celestial Horse 天马 「Tiān Ma 」

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6 Harmful Stars 六煞曜 「Shà Yào 」

◆ Turmoil 火星 「Huo Xīng 」
◇ Turbulence 铃星 「Líng Xīng 」
◆ Destruction 擎羊 「Qíng Yáng 」
◇ Obstruction 陀罗 「Tuó Luó 」
◆ Nullity 地空 「Dì Kōng 」
◇ Calamity 地劫 「Dì Jié 」

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4 Transformation Stars 四化曜 「Sì Huà Yào 」

▲ Flow 化禄 「Huà Lù 」
△ Authority 化权 「Huà Quán」
▲ Fame 化科 「Huà Kē 」
△ Cloud 化忌 「Huà Jì 」

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Other Stars 杂曜 「Zá Yào 」

◆ Felicity 天官 「Tiān Guān 」
◇ Luck 天福 「Tiān Fú 」
◆ Age 天寿 「Tiān Shòu 」
◇ Talent 天才 「Tiān Cái 」
◆ Hindrance 天空 「Tiān Kōng 」
◇ Interference 截空 「Jié Kōng 」
◆ Void 旬空 「Xùn Kōng 」
◇ Worries 天虛 「Tiān Xū 」
◆ Arrows 蜚廉 「Fei Lián 」
◇ Suffocation 破碎 「Pò Suì 」
◆ Tears 天哭 「Tiān Kū 」
◇ Lurker 阴煞 「Yīn Shà 」
◆ Punishment 天刑 「Tiān Xíng 」
◇ Lure 天姚 「Tiān Yáo 」
◆ Elevate 天巫 「Tiān Wū 」
◇ Suppress 解神 「Jie Shén 」
◆ Appeal 红鸾 「Hóng Luán 」
◇ Joy 天喜 「Tiān Xi 」
◆ Sickness 天月 「Tiān Yuè 」
△ Three Steps 三台 「Sān Tái 」、Eight Seats 八座 「Bā Zuò 」
▲ Detriment 天伤 「Tiān Shāng 」、Messenger 天使 「Tiān Shi 」
△ Flying Dragon 龙池 「Lóng Cí 」、Phoenix 风阁 「Fèng Gé 」
▲ Resolute 台輔 「Tái Fu 」、Banner 封誥 「Fēng Gào 」
△ Benefactor 恩光 「Ēn Guāng 」、Beloved 天貴 「Tiān Guì 」
▲ Lonely 孤辰 「Gū Chén 」、Widowing 寡宿 「Gua Sù 」

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The names of the stars are loosely translated in English and do not give the
full picture of the stars. Each star has its own characteristics and most stars
are either Yin or Yang and has an element attached to it. They are interpreted
differently depending on which Palace they landed up in, and the stars they
cross path with. They also have different range of brightness, or some may
even lose their shine, and all these affect the reading of the Birth Chart.

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