Wednesday, October 12, 2005

6 Harmful Stars 六煞曜 「Shà Yào 」

The 6 Harmful Stars are :

Turmoil 火星 「Huo Xīng 」 , Turbulence 铃星 「Líng Xīng 」 .
Destruction 擎羊 「Qíng Yáng 」 , Obstruction 陀罗 「Tuó Luó 」 ,
Nullity 地空 「Dì Kōng 」 , Calamity 地劫 「Dì Jié 」 .

These 6 煞曜 「Shà Yào 」 are there to hamper the Major Stars and to negate
the positive effects of the Auxiliary and Assisting Stars 佐辅曜 under normal
circumstances. In some particular situations, these 煞曜 can help to counter
the negative impacts of the Major Stars (Major Stars are not ALL good).

Just as 佐辅曜 makes the differences in one's life from another's, these
煞曜 have serious influences too. In most situations, they are able to
indicate the period where one is prone to misfortune or untimely death
(caused by accidents or unforseen tragedies like murder).

From a positive perspective, 煞曜 are there to act as a reminder of possible misfortune
so that one can be more conscious of his behaviour and seek to minimise negative impacts.

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