Saturday, October 08, 2005

Auxiliary and Assisting Stars 佐辅曜 「Zuó Fu Yào 」

The 4 Auxiliary Stars are :

Status 天魁 「Tiān Kuí 」 , Reputation 天钺 「Tiān Yuè 」 ,
Aide 左辅 「Zuo Fu 」 , Support 右弼 「Yòu Bì 」 .

The 4 Assisting Stars are :

Literature 文昌 「Wén Chāng 」 , Eloquence 文曲 「Wén Qu 」 ,
Treasurer 禄存 「Lù Cún 」 , Celestial Horse 天马 「Tiān Ma 」 .

As their names suggest, these Stars are there to support and assist the 14 Major
Stars. They are important, but never more important than the Major Stars.

An analogy to be used here is to liken these Stars to a Manager's Personal
Assistant. With a good assistant who is there to help out, the Manager would
be able to project his capability more effectively.

For 2 people to have the same Major Stars in their Life Palace, how their lives turned
out would depend on these 佐辅曜. They are the ones which make the difference.

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