Tuesday, October 04, 2005

14 Major Stars 十四正曜 「Zhèng Yào 」

There are only 14 Major Stars or 正曜 「Zhèng Yào 」which are of
utmost importance among the 100+ stars in 《 紫微斗数 》.

Depending on one's date and time of birth, these 14 stars will land up
in specific palaces of one's chart. The Major Star (or two Stars at most)
that lands in one's Life Palace 命宫 will more or less indicate a person's
characteristics, and his general luck in life. This Star is referred to as 命宮
主星 「Mìng Gōng Zhu Xīn 」
, or translated loosely, Life's Main Star.

There are different ways to categorise the 14 Major Stars.

1. North and South Clusters -

North Cluster (Big Dipper) -
Emperor Star 紫微, Finance Star 武曲,
Politician Star 廉贞, Flirting Star 贪狼,
Quarrel Star 巨门, Ruinous Star 破军

South Cluster -
Mercy Star 天机, Fortune Star 天同,
Treasury Star 天府, Minister Star 天相,
Aggressive Star 七杀, Blessing Star 天梁

Central Sky - The Sun 太阳 and The Moon 太阴

2. Stars led by Emperor Star 紫微 - 廉贞 , 天同 , 武曲 , 太阳 , 天机

Stars led by Treasury Star 天府 - 太阴 , 贪狼 , 巨门 , 天相 , 天梁 , 七杀 , 破军

3. Yin and Yang -

Each star has its Yin and Yang element, and this is an important
consideration when interpreting the Birth Chart. For example, when
sitting in Life Palace and meeting lucky stars, both Mercy Star 天机 (Yin)
and Flirting Star 贪狼 (Yang) can mean intelligence and ability to learn things fast,
but because Mercy Star 天机 is Yin, the intelligence is not displayed visibly, whereas
for Flirting Star 贪狼 which has a Yang nature, the intelligence would be more apparent.

Note: The stars are only used as an example as their characteristics
would still depend on the stars they meet on the chart.

4. 5 Elements -

For example, if Politician Star 廉贞 (Fire) and Ruinous Star 破军 (Water)
both resides in Life Palace, it will produce a negative effect in normal situations
(without taking other stars into consideration) as Water overcomes Fire.

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Another classification of the Major Stars is this -

The Leaders -

Emperor Star 紫微 , Minister Star 天相 , Treasury Star 天府 , Finance Star 武曲

The Pioneers (Action) -

Flirting Star 贪狼 , Ruinous Star 破军 , Politician Star 廉贞 , Aggressive Star 七杀

The Supporters -

The Sun 太阳 , Quarrel Star 巨门 , Mercy Star 天机

The Adapters -

Fortune Star 天同 , Blessing Star 天梁 , The Moon 太阴

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