Sunday, October 16, 2005

4 Transformation Stars 四化曜 「Sì Huà Yào 」

「化 」 by itself means transform, or to change into. In 《 紫微斗数 》 context, it can also mean 'to
enhance'. The 4 Transformation Stars 四化曜 「Sì Huà Yào 」 'tag onto' different stars every year,
depending on the Heavenly Stem 天干 「Tiān Gān 」 of the year. Nevertheless their individual
characteristics DO NOT change. Instead, what changes are the effects of the Stars that they tag onto.

The 4 Transformation Stars are :

Flow 化禄 「Huà Lù 」
- Metal Element.
- Means "Transforms into Riches".
- Enhances the flow of fortune, riches, luck etc.

Authority 化权 「Huà Quán 」
- Fire Element.
- Means "Transforms into Authority".
- Brings authority, power, supremacy, leadership etc.

Fame 化科 「Huà Kē 」
- Wood Element.
- Means "Transforms into Name".
- Brings fame, reputation, self-satisfaction etc.

Cloud 化忌 「Huà Jì 」
- Water Element.
- Means "Transforms into Trouble".
- Negates effects of stars.
- Usually indicates obstacles, dangers, risks, disputes, death etc.

At first look, any stars associated with 化禄 、权 、科 are good, and
any stars associated with 化忌 is bad. But it is not necessarily true.

四化曜 are a VERY big part of 《 紫微斗数 》, so I will go more into them at a later stage.

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