Sunday, October 02, 2005

Before I go on..

Please take note of the following:

1. The characteristics of each Star remain constant, for example, if it is
a Yin Wood Star, it will be a Yin Wood whatever palace the Star lands up in.

2. The interpretion of the Stars in various palaces differs. What
each Star means in Life Palace is different when it is in say, Health Palace.

3. The interpretion of the Stars is also different when there are other stars
in the same palace, as compared to when it is on its own.

4. There is a rating of brightness for most of the stars.

The scale is like this:

庙 「Miào 」 - Glitter - the brightest it can gets.
Good Stars with this rating will manifest their positive traits.
Bad Stars will not have serious impact.

旺 「Wàng 」 - Radiant - Still very bright.
Good Stars will display their traits.
Bad Stars will not have serious impact.

得 「Dé 」 - Bright.
Good Stars will still be good.
Bad Stars will not have serious impact.

平 「Píng 」 - Twilight.
Good Stars will have minimum impact.
Bad Stars will display their negative traits without constraint.

陷 「Xiàn 」 - Dark.
Good Stars will be useless with this rating.
Bad Stars will be at their worst.

Star Brightness Scale

5. Even with the above scale of brightness, the Stars would still
not tell a complete picture, as it depends on what other stars in
other relevant palaces they "meet" with.

For example, to see the overall life of a person, the palaces that
are taken into account are Wealth Palace, Career Palace, Life Palace
and Travel Palace. The stars in all 4 of these palaces would then
"meet", and if a particular Glittering Good Star is sitting in Life
Palace, but the other Stars in the other 3 palaces are Dark, then it
will also render the Good Star useless or with no impact.

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