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Listing the 12 Palaces 十二宫

The rule to apply here is "Anti-Clockwise" in the following sequence:

1. Life Palace 命宫 , 2. Siblings Palace 兄弟宫
3. Marriage Palace 夫妻宫 , 4. Children Palace 子女宫
5. Wealth Palace 财帛宫 , 6. Health Palace 疾厄宫
7. Travel Palace 迁移宫 , 8. Friends/Servants Palace 仆役宫
9. Career Palace 官禄宫 , 10. Property Palace 田宅宫
11. Fortune Palace 福德宫 , 12. Parents Palace 父母宫

Your chart will look like this:

Palace Sequence

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Step 4 - Establish Palace Stem 宮干 「Gōng Gān」

Each Palace, besides its own Earthly Branch, has its Heavenly Stem as well. It is
called the Palace Stem or 宮干 「Gōng Gān」. However, as there are only
10 Heavenly Stems, 2 of the stems will be repeated to fill up all 12 Palaces.

The rule here is, the Year of Birth decides which stem goes into which palace.

To chart the Palace Stems, memorise the Golden Rule:

Establish Palace Stem
Establish Palace Stem Jue

If that proves too hard, this Table is derived from the above phrases.

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Another easier way of doing it with the help of the Table is this:

Establish Palace Stem

Using the same example, the Year of birth being the Stem of 甲 Jia (寅 Yín is Year Branch),
and Life Palace is at 巳 Sì, therefore the Stem of Life Palace is 己 Ji.

Thus, we say, Life Palace 命宫 is located at 己巳.
(This is important when interpreting the chart because interpretions are
based on each Palace's Stem-Branch, or in short, Palace Address 宫位 「Gōng Wèi 」.)

Subsequently, fill up the rest of the palaces with the Heavenly Stems
(Clockwise direction). Take note when charting the 2 repeated Stems.

Take note of repeated Stems

By now, your chart should resemble this:

Chart at end of Step 4

The Sequence of the Heavenly Stems is as follow:
Sequence of Heavenly Stems

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