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Setting up Life and Body Palace 命、身宫

Step 2 - Establish Life Palace 命宫 「Mìng Gōng 」

The rule to apply here is "Months Clockwise, Hours Anti-Clockwise".

That is, starting from the square of 寅 「Yín 」, which is the 1st Lunar Month,
count in the Clockwise direction, the number of the month in which you are born into.

Which means, if you are born in the 7th Lunar Month, then count 7 Squares.
So 寅 「Yín 」 would be 1st Lunar Month, and the 7th Month would be 申 「Shēn 」.

Establish Life Palace

Next, taking the last square you stopped at to be the first Shi Chen, which is 子 「 Zi 」Hour in this
example, count in the Anti-Clockwise direction and stop at the Shi Chen at which you were born.

The Sequence for 时辰 Shi Chen is this:
Shi Chen - Sequence

Which means, if you were born at 卯 「Mao 」Hour (4th Shi Chen), and count 4 squares
Anti-Clockwise from 子 「 Zi 」, you will now be at the square of 巳 「 Sì 」.

Establish Life Palace

Thus, Life Palace will be established at 巳 「 Sì 」 - 命宫在巳.
You can double-check the chart here to confirm.

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Step 3 - Establish Body Palace 身宫 「Shēn Gōng 」

The rule is "Months Clockwise, Hours Clockwise".

Using the same example, instead of counting Anti-Clockwise for the Hours or Shi Chen,
we will now count in the Clockwise direction to establish Body Palace 身宫.

Establish Body Palace

So, the Body Palace will be at 亥 「 Hài 」 - 身宫在亥.
You can double-check the chart here to confirm.

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By the end of Step 3, you will get something like this:

Chart at end of Step 3

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To summarise the Golden Rule for Steps 2 and 3 :

Establish Life and Body Palace
Establish Life and Body Palace Jue

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