Monday, November 07, 2005

Step 5 - Establish Element Phase 五行局

The next step is to establish one's 五行局 「Wu Xíng Jú」 or 5 Elements Phase.

The rule here is, the Life Palace Stem and Branch determines one's Element.
To simplify this step, please refer to the summarised Table.

In the example provided, the Life Palace Branch being 巳 Sì, and the Stem of the Year of
Birth being 甲 Jia , therefore, the owner of this Birth Chart has the Element of Wood 木三局.

Step 5 - Establish Element

To double-check, refer to the 花甲纳音 「Huā Jia Nà Yīn」 Table. In this case, the owner of the chart
has her Life Palace at 己巳, therefore she is a 大林木 (Forest Trees), which is Wood Element 木三局.

Hua Jia Na Yin Ju

Now that we've completed the framework of the Birth Chart, we will be proceeding to the mapping of the Stars.

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