Friday, September 02, 2005

The 12 Palaces - 十二宫

宫 「Gōng 」 or palace originated from the concept of house or temple -
a space where spirits or souls dwelt in. 'Space' does not exist outside 'time',
so each can relate to the timespan of events happening in the particular .

12 Palaces 十二宫

The 12 Palaces, or 十二宫 「Shí Èr Gōng 」 are arranged
in Anti-clockwise direction in this fixed sequence -

1. Life Palace 命宫 「Mìng Gōng

2. Siblings Palace 兄弟宫 「Xiōng Dì Gōng

3. Marriage Palace 夫妻宫 「Fū Qī Gōng

4. Children Palace 子女宫 「Zi Nu Gōng

5. Wealth Palace 财昂宫 「Cái Áng Gōng

6. Health Palace 疾厄宫 「Jí È Gōng

7. Travel Palace 迁移宫 「Qiān Yí Gōng

8. Friends, Servants Palace 仆役宫 「Pu Yì Gōng

9. Career Palace 官禄宫 「Guān Lù Gōng

10. Property Palace 田宅宫 「Tián Zhái Gōng

11. Fortune, Virtue Palace 福德宫 「Fú Dé Gōng

12. Parents Palace 父母宫 「Fù Mu Gōng

In addition, there is a 13th Palace called 身宫 「Shēn Gōngor literally, Body Palace.
It is as important as any of the other 12 Palaces in interpreting one's life events.

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