Sunday, September 18, 2005

Travel Palace 迁移宫

迁移 「Qiān Yí 」 means travelling, moving or shifting.

In ancient China, imperial exams were held in the capital city every few years.
Scholars from all parts of the country travelled to the capital in the hope of
attaining success in the exams. If succeeded, a life of glory and wealth will follow.

Travelling from all corners to the capital by foot is no joke. The journey would
take months or even a year, and is arduous and dangerous. Unlucky scholars
sometimes did not even make it to the capital, due to lack of funds, sickness,
or met with mishaps or bad people. Thus, the development of Travel Palace.

In the modern context, this palace is relevant to trips away from home, be it for
leisure or work-related purposes, and even daily commuting to and from home.

This palace indicates first and foremost, whether one should stay in his hometown, or
travel far to seek better achievement in career. It also indicates one's social skills and
luck when travelling; whether one gets help from strangers or meets with mishaps
and disasters etc. Specific events like traffic accidents can also be known from here.

Beside these, 迁移宫 also covers house-moving, changes in employment status.

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