Saturday, September 24, 2005

Property Palace 田宅宫

In the past, people work in the fields to have their food. Their houses
are where they stay after a hard day's work. The field 田 「Tián 」 where work is
done under sunlight is 阳 「Yáng 」, and the house 宅 「Zhái 」 where they
sleep at night is 阴 「Yīn 」. Thus, 田宅宫 「Tián Zhái Gōng 」 literally
means Field and House Palace, and needs a balanced and .

In modern context, since most people are no longer farmers, Field is
equivalent to one's place of work or business assets such as factories.

A home is where one grows up in (parents' house), and also where one will
be settling down with your spouse and children. One's living environment
is indicated here, and covers his extra-marital affairs as well.

Other things like inheritance (from parents or grandparents), how much
properties one is likely to own, and the quality and security of one's
properties (whether the house is likely to collapse, or catch fire etc.)
are also indicated in 田宅宫.

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