Thursday, September 22, 2005

Career Palace 官禄宫

官 「Guān 」 means Official. 禄 「 Lù 」 means Wealth.

In ancient China, (actually even now too, if you are in Singapore), being an
Official or Politician will assure one a life of riches and wealth and stable career.
So 官禄 used in the modern context refers to Career - work that brings in
wealth (and sometimes glory) and brings about stability in one's life.

官禄宫 「Guān Lù Gōng 」 simply indicates what kind of career one should pursue,
one's job achievement, ability in mastering the job, promotion prospects, reputation,
business-related lawsuits, and whether one is suited to be an entrepreneur etc.

Not everyone has a job, but that does not mean 官禄宫 is redundant.

For a housewife, her 'workplace' would be her home. Whether her house
is spick and span or a junkyard can be deduced from 官禄宫. School is a
student's 'workplace' and 官禄宫 would indicate his ability in school. For
the old and retired, it would indicate how they fare in their social lives.

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