Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The 13th Palace - 身宫 「Shēn Gōng 」

身 「Shēn 」 means 'Body'. 身宫 「Shēn Gōng 」 is the 13th Palace (aka Body Palace)
on the Birth Chart. Its position is dependent on the location of the Life Palace 命宫.
While 命宫 is 'pre-heaven', 身宫 is 'post-heaven' or called 后天 「Hòu Tiān 」.

Using the cell phone analogy, 命宫 is the 'hardware' (blue-tooth, MP3 player or Java-
games capabilities,etc.) , and 身宫 is its 'software' (wallpaper, ring tone, phone list etc.).

Generally, 命宫 tends to represent one's early life (before 35 years old) and 身宫
represents the later part. For example, if 命宫 is strong, but 身宫 is weak, it would
indicate the person has an easier time till his 30s before life takes a worse turn.

And also, the location of one's 身宫 indicates where he is headed in life. Generally,

1. When 身宫 is in Life Palace 命宫 - the person is seldom affected by external

2. When 身宫 is in Marriage Palace 夫妻宮 - the person is attached and emotional,
committed to his/her family and can be easily influenced by his/her spouse.

3. When 身宫 is in Wealth Palace 财昂宫 - the person's ulitmate goal in life
is to make money and more money, and often his/her mood and happiness
is determined by economic factors.

4. When 身宫 is in Travel Palace 迁移宫 - the person adapts well to changes
of circumstances or environment.

5. When 身宫 is in Career Palace 官祿宮 - the person is career-minded and
seek success in the form of fame and society status.

6. When 身宫 is in Fortune Palace 福德宮 - the person places emphasis on
the quality of life, lacks the zeal and drive necessary to succeed and does
not adapt well to changes.

Note: These are only general descriptions based on the location
of 身宫 without taking the Stars in the palace into considerations.

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