Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wealth Palace 财昂宫

财 「Cái 」 means riches and 昂 「Áng 」 means rise.
So 财昂 refers to how much riches one will accumulate.

This palace covers one's level of income; whether you have to work
very hard for it or often has windfall fortunes. It describes one's
financial situation in general. The way one should make his money,
one's wealth luck and earning capacity are also indicated here.

That is not all. The focus of 财昂宫 is on how one manage his finances.
One who spends more than he earns will not be wealthy. One who earns
little but save a big portion of his earnings can only get richer. This palace
has close ties with Fortune Palace 福德宫 which covers cash outflow.

In the modern context, 'Wealth' is no longer defined in dollars and cents.
When determining the overall wealth of a person, Property Palace 田宅宫
and Fortune Palace 福德宫 have to be taken into consideration as well.

Most experienced fortune tellers are not willing to predict the exact period
of one's sudden wealth luck or windfalls. Such things are better left not known.

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